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Cooler Covers

Cooler Covers, Beverage Dispensers Covers, and Ice Chest Covers, are the perfect party planning accessories, catering accessories, and bartending accessories, to dress-up the Igloo and Coleman coolers you already have. These covers will help save space, time, money, and work. We cover our tables and decorate our chairs, and now you can show off your coolers instead of hiding them during Parties, Banquets, Garden Receptions, Fundraisers, and Special Events. Never deal with condensation or emptying an ice bucket again, and keep your drinks cold for days not hours. Simply cover the coolers you already have, with a Cooler Cover and transform it into a party decoration. Cooler Covers come in a variety of sizes and colors, so when you want to make a good impression, Classy Cooler Covers are the ideal accessory for any gathering. Covers are available for as little as $14.95.


Everyone knows that Thermal ice chests coolers are the best way to keep ice cold for days. But coolers don't always make such a good impression for special events, because we are used to seeing them on work trucks or at sporting events. Ice buckets and drink tubs create condensation and tend to be high-maintenance during parties. They require a designated person to continuously work on restocking drinks, dumping melted ice water, and adding more ice from the cooler hidden under the table. So simplify, store less, pack less, work less, by decorating your cooler with a Classy Cooler Cover.


For those special occasions and social events, instead of investing in expensive or excessive equipment, simply cover your existing cooler with a Classy Cooler Cover. Classy Cooler Covers are compact and easy to store, washable and reusable. Covers can be decorated differently for many events, and make a good impression. So cover it, label it with one or more a drink tags, and forget it. These cooler covers make it E-Z to tend to your guests, instead of the drinks. Enjoy!




Disclaimer: Coolers not included